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Arrangements for Quality Assurance

The BKGE is a federal departmental research institute associated with the Federal Government Commission for Culture and Media (BKM). In the area of § 96 of the German Law on Displaced Ethnic Germans and Refugees (BVFG), it is the sole organisation to have a scientifically-based consultation and service contract with the Federal Government.

When using the term "scientifically based political consultation", the BKGE recognises its task as a comprehensive process of scientifically verified surveying and evaluation of information about the history and present-day situation of the Germans in Eastern Europe, which is prepared for political decision makers and government departments. This is based on research projects that are without pre-judgement as far as the outcome is concerned, independent and autonomous.

As an affiliated institute of the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, the BKGE is committed to these academic standards, but equally they are fundamental to the BKGE's involvement in international professional dialogue.

Members of staff of the BKGE are also committed to the criteria for "good scientific practice", as prescribed by the DFG (German Research Foundation). Their respective competencies in the fields of History, Literature/Language, European Ethnology and Art History/Preservation of Historical Monuments are supplemented by knowledge of relevant foreign languages, as well as a core understanding of the respective countries and regions. Staff-members' research is brought to the public ina wide variety of forms: it is documented in various publications; they participate actively in scientific conferences and academic teaching; staff members are involved in the provision of scientifically based services and evaluation of information; and, they participate in associations and committees both within and outside of university circles.

The BKGE presents its scientific work to the public in recipient-oriented formats (publicationseries, homepage, press releases, presentations etc.). The BKGE's activities are also supported and evaluated by its Academic Advisory Council [wissenschaftlicher Beirat]. Furthermore, as an affiliated institute of the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, the BKGE reports annually to the university about its activities in the areas of research and teaching. In 2007, the Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat, Germany's highest scientific advisory body), gave the BKGE a positive appraisal.

International networking and quality assurance through external and internal evaluations form the basis for the professional and corporate acceptance of the BKGE as a scientific reviewing institution.

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