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Tasks and Work Areas

The Federal Institute for Culture and History of the Germans in Eastern Europe (BKGE) provides advice to the Federal Government in all questions concerning research, presentation and development of the the culture and history of Germans in Eastern Europe. To fulfill its order the BKGE and its research projects are embedded in the scientific community, it realises scientific inquiries and documentations and co-ordinates federally funded research projects.
As a research institute affiliated to the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg the BKGE provides staff members to teach at the university, too. more



The Institute's library currently holds 62 000 books and 876 periodicals.
The focus of the collection is on the areas of Eastern, Eastern Central and South Eastern Europe and reflects the work priorities of the Institute which are history, literary studies and linguistics, art history and European ethnology.
The library is a publicly accessible reference library (local loans possible, but no external loans).
More about the service of the library, contact and opening hours you can find here. more



Contact information of all staff members of the different departments you can find here. more


Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council provides external expertise and supports the BKGE to realize its scientific tasks. more

Cooperations and Partners

The BKGE cooperates with partners in Germany and abroad. The dialogue with scholars and other interested people helps to build a network and strengthen the national and international scientific community. The cooperations with universities, archives, museums and other partner institutions at home and abroad are of special importance for the BKGE. more


To gain professional working experience, interested students of history and of cultural studies as well as of German and Slavic studies are invited to do an internship at the BKGE for four or six weeks.
More information about the focus of work and topics and the application requirements you can find here. more


Contact information such as address, how to get to the BKGE and contact persons you can find here, moreover the impressum and the data protection declaration. Neuer Link

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