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Publishing houses in Breslau-Wroclaw 1800-1945

The significance of the Silesian capital city Breslau (Wroclaw) for publishing in modern time has, until recently, generally been underestimated. Without a doubt, the publishing houses contributed markedly to the cultural profile of the city, but also to the whole of Silesia. more

Brukenthal scholarship

During a perennially EU-Project with the romanian academy (Filiale Klausenburg/Cluj-Napoca) the BKGE tenders the "Samuel von Brukentahl"-scholarship of postdoctoral studies and researches of the cultur and history of the germans in Romania. more

Ancestral Homeland Movement throughout Silesia

This research project, which will be completed through a post-doctoral thesis at the Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, is investigating two regional ethnic groups that emerged around 1925 in two quite separate geographical areas of Europe. more

Reformation anniversary

Reformation 500 years from 1517 to 2017. An anniversary and its significance for the Germans in Eastern Europe. more

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