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Dr. Burkhard Olschowsky

Area History

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  • Born 1969 in Berlin; High School Graduate in Building Sciences; Undergraduate and Graduate Study in History and East European Studies in Göttingen, Warsaw, and Berlin
  • 2002; Doctorade in History from the Humboldt University in Berlin
  • 2003-2005; Instructor for Contemporary History and Politics at the Humboldt University
  • 2004-2005 Associate of the Federal Ministry of Transportation, Building and Housing
  • 2005; Fellow of the Federal Institute for the History and Culture of Germans in Eastern Europe
  • 2011; transfer to Warsaw

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Late Modern European History
  • 19th and 20th Century German and Polish History (focussing on the relationship between both societies in the late 20th century)
  • Silesian and Prussian History
  • European State Political Development (emphasis on comparative studies)
  • Central and Eastern European Political History (focussing on issues of historical Memory)

Member of

  • German-Polish Society, Berlin
Bundesinstitut für Kultur und Geschichte des östlichen Europa
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